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_________________________________ "Muli Shani?" (How are you?)

I am Jennifer Townsend, Serving My Lord Jesus Christ in Zambia
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Here are some links I believe you may find interesting:
Ecclesiastical Law Center - My Dad, Dr. Ben Townsend, is the director of the Law Center, with two offices, one in Mesick, Michigan, and the other in Portland, Oregon, overseen by Dr. J.R. Wright. - This is my Dad's personal website. There is much information, even books and articles he has written to be shared with everyone. His first exciting novel in the Statehouse Chronicles is here on the Trilogy page, and he is even writing his second novel and uploading a chapter every now and then. Check out my cool Dad.
BEAMS - The Bible Education and Missionary Service, located in Gulfport, Mississippi. They have been sending us several boxes of Bibles in the past few months. This has been the greatest blessing to the church, as many people could not own their own Bible because of the cost of a Bible here in Zambia was more than any Zambian could afford. Please go to their website and consider supporting this great ministry that helps so many missionaries around the world.
International Aid - A missionary warehouse in Spring Lake, Michigan. I have been able to get many resources for the children here in Zambia from this wonderful organization. Coloring books, educational resources, medical supplies, toothpaste, and so many other items which I use every day. I would hope every missionary who reads this will check out their site. Everything that is donated to IA is sold to missionaries at a very reduced rate. You will not be sorry you looked into this.
Institute for Basic Life Principles - My family is in ATI (Advanced Training Institute) and my Father has at least one seminar each year (Basic, Advanced, Anger Resolution, Couples, Financial Freedom) in our church back in Mesick, Michigan. The resources alone are worth looking into.
Victoria Falls near Livingstone
Zambia National Tourist Website - This is a site that has much information about Zambia.
The Zambian Post - This is the largest newspaper in Zambia. It will keep you current with what is going on over here.
The Times of Zambia - Another newspaper, but the office is in Ndola, which is about thirty miles from me.
Zambia Online - This is the National Homepage of Zambia. Lots of articles.
Carolyn Aijian, RN - This is the website of a nurse who stayed at my house in Kalulushi a few years back for a few weeks and became my friend. Her daughter, Laura, has also supported me. Her youngest daughter, Katie, also visited me. Carolyn's son Daniel came at a different time. She is an Independent Nurse Consultant in California. Check out her site so you can effectively pray for Mrs. Aijian's business that she would be able to be a blessing to people.
The Kim Komando Show was where we got the inspiration to do this web-site. It was easier than I thought. Lots of helpful Computer downloads on her site. Security programs for children, internet helps, and computer tips.