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_________________________________ "Muli Shani?" (How are you?)

I am Jennifer Townsend, Serving My Lord Jesus Christ in Zambia
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Support Information
When I decided God wanted me to come back to Zambia, I met with my advisory counsel (my mom and dad), and determined that I was not going to be a "normal" missionary. A "normal" missionary is one that spends two to three (or more) years going from church to church presenting their work and asking the churches to support them. I decided that I could do more for the Zambian people if I came directly here and got "on the job training" instead. Therefore, I am basically supporting myself by word of mouth.
Churches that support me
There are a few churches that have, by word of mouth, started supporting me monthly. These are:
Rocklick Hollow Baptist Church, New Paris, Pennsylvania, Pastor Kevin Marshall
Town Center Baptist Church, Portland, Oregon, Dr. J. Robin Wright, Pastor
Bible Believers Baptist Church, Mesick, Michigan, Dr. Ben Townsend, Pastor (my Dad)
Other churches have supported me with offerings and love gifts.
Another church took up an offering for my plane ticket to come to Zambia. That church was:
Cornerstone Baptist Church, Union City, Indiana, Dr. Lloyd Shepherd, Pastor
Individual people also support me
I have individuals who support me also monthly or yearly. I thank them for their sacrifice for me to be able to be here in Zambia.
So, how do I do it?
New technology is making it much easier live in another country. What happens is that my Dad deposits support money into my account at Citizen's Bank in Mesick, Michigan, and I debit whatever amount has come in for that month at the bank here in Zambia.
Is support Tax Deductible?
The short answer is "No." I decided to become a non-missionary in the way those people in the New Testament were non-missionaries; the Apostle Paul, for example. Therefore, I have not been sent out by a Mission Board, or any Non-profit group. I am just a single girl, under the authority of her mom and dad and local church, desiring to be used of God in Zambia. The support that is sent to my State-side address will come to me, 100% of it. And if people and churches are giving to help my ministry which God has started, then they should not want anything back by way of tax deduction.
The church my Dad pastors is not incorporated, so he doesn't even want me suggesting to give through my home church. Any support checks or money orders can be made out to Jennifer Townsend, and you can be assured that every last cent will go into the ministry here in Zambia.
Thank you for prayerfully considering helping me to be here to help the Zambian people.