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_________________________________ "Muli Shani?" (How are you?)

I am Jennifer Townsend, Serving My Lord Jesus Christ in Zambia
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About Me
I am from Mesick, Michigan, where I am the daughter of the Pastor of Bible Believers Baptist Church, an Historic Baptist church in Northern Michigan.

I was raised in a Christian home, and was led to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ when I was a little girl by my father, Dr. Ben Townsend. He was praying with me one night before I went to sleep at my Grandparent's house when I told him I would like to give my life to Jesus Christ. After dealing with me about sin and Christ dying on the cross for me, I received Him as my Savior. After that I went to several Christian schools: Gethsemane Baptist School in Evansville, Indiana, Faith Christian School in Louisville, Kentucky, and Indianapolis Baptist Temple Schools in Indiana. When I was thirteen, our family moved to Michigan where I graduated from Heritage Christian School.

The Call to Zambia
In 1998, a missionary visited our church in Michigan and asked me to come to live with them in Zambia and tutor their children. After much prayer, and picking my father up off the floor, I went to Zambia for a year to be of help to this family and other missionary families.
The Final Call
After spending several years of training in college classes with computers and education, I decided it was time to come back to Zambia and help the people here. I moved into my own home in Kalulushi, and have been here over almost four years. My goal is to have an orphanage and train children in the ways of the Lord.