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_________________________________ "Muli Shani?" (How are you?)

I am Jennifer Townsend, Serving My Lord Jesus Christ in Zambia
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Thank you for visiting my site.
New Ministry in Zambia - Jennifer Townsend is now under Lordship International Ministry of Zambia. Read more about it here.
Please read my May 2008 Newsletter here.

Ladies in the Liberty Bible Institute's Personal Evangelism course who received their certificates on June 1, 2008 for completing the course. These ladies also received a beautiful King James Bible, compliments of the BEAMS (Bible Education and Missionary Service) group from Gulfport, Mississippi. The ladies are: Evans (for Diana Mwila his wife), Judith Banda, Gaudencia Kane, Dorothy Lufunda, Juliet Mwila, Rachel Kasenzi, Joyce Chishimba, and Clara Chanda. Kneeling: Martha Mpofu Silwamba, Maria Jere, and Monde Likando. The ladies were most excited about having their own Bible to be able to read and use to lead others to Christ. Many "thank you's" to the BEAMS Ministry for the wonderful Bibles sent to us.
Here are some of the Bible Institute Ladies with their new BEAMS Bibles. These ladies have never owned such a nice Bible before. They were so delighted to get them at the end of the Personal Evangelism course. This picture shows Clara, Diana Mwila, Rita, and Dorothy standing, and Maria and Monde kneeling.
I came to Zambia in 1998 to help missionary families by being a tutor to the missionary children. During that year, I fell in love with Zambia and its people, and dedicated my life to coming back someday and helping the Zambian children to have a chance at a real life in Jesus Christ. This means receiving Him as Lord and Savior, and being trained to follow Him in whatever life calling they decide can best serve Him. I did return in 2003, set up my own household, and am in the process of learning the language (Bemba and Lamba) to best communicate with the people here. I also set up a Pre-School, entitled Liberty Baptist Pre-School, to better learn how to serve the children here. That Pre-School ministry is now over as plans are made to build the church building and then build an orphanage building as a ministry of the church.
At this point in my life and ministry, I am pretty fluent in understanding Bemba, the language of the cities, when others speak. I still must speak it slowly. I reside in Kalulushi, in the Copperbelt region of Zambia. I attend Liberty Baptist Church in Kalulushi, and teach the children's Sunday School class, where I have nearly 45 students each Sunday morning. At a recent get-together at my house, I enjoyed entertaining 99 children who have attended my Sunday School class or are from my neighborhood.
Please pray for God's leading in starting an orphanage here in Kalulushi under the auspices of Liberty Baptist Church and Pastor Frazer Kane.
Thank you,
Jennifer Townsend
Please see some of the ministries I have started since being here.
My main ministry was the Pre-School, which met at my house. I have had four years of students attend my school, with most of them going on to Grade School with very high marks. I've had over 70 students total in this time. I am called "Teacher" here in Kalulushi as I walk around the city.
I hope you will take time to meet the people in my life that have come to mean a lot to me.
My Zambian pastor, Frazer Kane and his wife, their Pre-School son Daniel, Clara, the lady who lives with me and teaches me the language, Morgan, the man from the church who helps me with my garden and kills the snakes in my yard, and many others, including my poor little brown chick Buckley.
Please write me if you get a chance. It would be good to hear from someone in the States. If you mail a letter to my P.O. Box, please stick in a bandaid or package of Koolaid. The postage won't be any more than just a letter, and we can always use those simple things, which are hard to get here.
Zambian Orphanage
P.O. Box 260533
Kalulushi, Zambia, Africa
If you wish to help support my ministry here, please send any funds to be deposited in my State-side account by my father. That address is:
Jennifer Townsend
P.O. Box 11
Mesick, MI 49668